The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas [Infographic]

Help! I don’t know what to write!

Does this sound familiar? I feel like this about 50% of the time!

I’m responsible for a lot of content every week… and sometimes I draw a blank when it comes to inspiration. Today, I have a great infographic for you that is packed with ideas for blog posts when you just have no idea what to write.

There are some broad categories:

  • Be useful. One of my favourite kinds of blog posts is a DIY or a how-to. They create a lot of value!
  • Be human. We long for the human connection, so writing about your experience can really draw people in.
  • Be generous. “Pump the tires” of your colleagues, or other businesses you admire.
  • Be controversial. It’s a great way to generate (heated??) discussion.
  • Be entertaining. We love to be entertained. We love to laugh or think we are the smartest kid on the block because we learned something new. Share that kind of content, and your readers will love you.
  • Be timely. Some of the best-trafficked blog posts I’ve ever written have been in response to world events.

And here it is! Your ultimate list of blog post ideas for that “rainy day.” 😉

blog post ideas

Infographic courtesy of Digital


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