5 responses to “Working in Coffee Shops”

  1. Robert Dall

    Great Blog Post Rebecca! Just a reminder to you coffee co-workers. Not to be a cafe loafer. Be fair with the time you take up in that seat… 

  2. Rebecca Coleman

    Good reminder, Rob! Don’t park all day, and buy stuff! Support the coffee shop!

  3. Sue

    I work in coffee shops all the time. My favourite is the Gladstone Hotel – mainly bevause their main (bar) is empty during the day and so they’ve opened it up for folks like me who are looking for a work spot. They get all my client meetings lunches drinks business as a thank you.

    Given that the coffee shops you mention are probably also small businesses, I have to second the “buy stuff” argument. A cafe owner told me that a purchase once every ninety minutes seems fair.

    Also a pet peeve? Please don’t take up a double or a four top for you and your computer. I make a point of it if working in a cafe to automatically look for the lone computer user and ask to share their table so that when three people come in for coffee, there’s somewhere for them to sit.

  4. Rebecca Coleman

    Good advice! Thanks, Sue!

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