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  1. Julia

    Hi Rebecca! I think Tumblr and Twitter are very complimentary for each other. They serve such different but necessary functions for me as an artist that I could never use one to the exclusion of the other. Can’t we just all be friends? :)

    Tumblr is where I find art inspiration primarily. Every once in a while I’ll include a drawing or painting of my own, but mainly I use it to stay connected and keep my creativity flowing. When I need a break from the studio but don’t want to completely get out of my creative groove, I head over to Tumblr for a few minutes.

    Twitter is where I connect with other artists. I also get a ton of art inspiration there, but I can also ask any questions or just talk and relax with other artists and creatives. Twitter is a good place to get feedback from art from people you feel like you’ve gotten to know and whose opinions you respect.

    Twitter, Flickr, and my Facebook art page are the places that I debut my art as soon as a piece is finished.

    If I were a writer, WordPress would probably be indispensable. But being more of a visual person, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook fit me well. So I guess it depends on what you use it for. Cheers!

  2. Robert Dall

    I have found in general that WordPress tends to be home to long form serious written blogs. (With the exception of I can haz cheeseburger and stuff white people like)

    Tumblr has found a home for a lot of humorous and sarcastic blogs. Clients From Hell, Shit Photojournalists Like, Devious Behaviour. They are short witty and sarcastic and make me laugh.

    I think Tumblr and Twitter don’t have much in common, they are both very popular right now, but that is just my 2cents.

  3. Tim

    In some ways, Tumblr is a more visual Twitter. It’s a major source for great design, art, inspiration, photos. A few of my friends link up their instagram with Tumblr and document their outings instantaneously. (Gone are the days of uploading all your photos from 4th of July on the 5th of July on Facebook–it’s happening right now).

    I don’t know that WordPress is necessarily “trumped” by Tumblr. Time will tell, I suppose. I still enjoy “long-form” blogging and it serves a great purpose. And I don’t know that traditional blogging works that well on Tumblr. I often skim longer text-only passages when I read my Tumblr dash. But I have no problem reading extended passages through Google Reader (which are often from Blogger or WordPress).

    Essentially, I see value in all the social media–they just serve a different function.

  4. Janis La Couvée (@lacouvee)

    Although I’ve had a Tumblr account for over a year, I only started using it more often very recently.

    I like the ease of Tumblr, and it’s visual aspect. I continue to post quick snippets there, and my longer blog posts to my own site.

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